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Nissan GT-R – Debadge and Scratch Repair

A very meticulous owner brought me this weapon of a car for Debadge and Scratch Repair.
The front bumper had caught a few stones which required wet sanding and machine polishing to get back to its full glossy glory.
The original number plates were removed along with a crazy amount of adhesive tape, which was replaced with Velcro strips.
Finally the Nissan badge on the boot was removed and the surface was machine polished to remove any marring that occurred during the process.

BMW E46 – Rear Window Tint

This future classic came in to start off the customisation process with some window tinting.

SunTek’s Carbon 5% ‘limo tint’ in the back 3 windows really sets off the image. It will also protect whoever is in the back from UV rays, and the leather and upholstery.
The reduced light transfer will also help to keep it cooler inside in the summer. Tis will reduce air-con usage, which in turn will improve fuel economy.

Ford Transit – Vinyl Removal & Polish

This work van was changing hands so needed to be stripped and cleaned up ready for new graphics.
Many, many individual letters later, all of the vinyl graphics were off, and it was washed ready for polishing.
A Single Stage Correction got rid of a huge amount of swirl marks and the faded outline of the previous graphics.

Teal Bugatti Type 51 – Wheel Detail

When someone asks if you can help with their Bugatti, this gorgeous classic is not what pops into mind.
The wheels were showing signs of age and needed some attention, so on the first dry day we popped it over to the unit.

I started with the usual Bilberry wheel cleaner and soap to get the surfaces nice and clean and then soaked them a few times with Bilt Hamer Auto Wheel to break down the surface rust.

Once all the grease and as much rust as possible had been removed, a layer of ACF50 Anti Corrosion was applied to the painted surface to help prevent it from worsening.

Valet PRO Classic Tyre Dressing to finish it off.

Lexus RX450h – Interior Detail

I was contacted by the local Lexus dealership to come and do a full interior detail on this second hand RX450h so it was fresh and clean ready for its new owner.

After the usual vacuum and surface wipe down, the seat belts were tackled first as they can be very work heavy. These particular cream belts were almost black.

Then the leather was cleaned (seats, steering wheel, dash and door cards) with Valet PRO’s Leather Soap.

Finally the carpets were sprayed and scrubbed to lift the deep dirt and grease, then wet vacuum extraction.

Chrysler Crossfire – Decontamination Wash & Headlight Restore

This American sportster came in to be spruced up ready to be sold on. After 10 years of ownership some professional help was required.

The cloudy headlights were addressed first. Wet sanding and compounding to remove the failed UV coating leaving the lenses nice and clear which in turn improves the headlight output.
Then the soft top was cleaned with specific fabric cleaner to remove moss, algae and lichen.
Once that was thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed, the rest of the car went through the full decontamination process and was coated with Bilt Hamber wax.

Before & After:

Ford S-Max – Single Stage Correction

This very well loved S-Max came in for a quick single stage enhancement to keep it in tip-top condition.
Even though the paint appeared to be in very good condition, a full decontamination was carried out to be safe. As you can see, there was still a good amount of fallout lodged in the lacquer which may have caused issues when polishing.




Mercedes E63S AMG – Two Stage+ Correction

This monster came to me in desperate need of some love. The previous owner worked at a quarry and it appears that no real care was taken to remove the rock dust during washes. Many heavy swirls and light scratches covered the super hard ceramic lacquer of the AMG paint.
After some focused wet sanding on a few deeper scratches, a heavy cut compound with a rotary polisher and a refining stage with the DA polisher, the ceramic coating was applied and allowed to cure for 24 hours.