Audi RS5 - New Car Detail Ceramic Polish Protection before and after correction

Audi RS5 2018 – New Car Detail

This brand new beast came in for a complete protection package. Sadly, not even high performance cars leave the dealership in top condition. Swirls in the paintwork and staining on plastic trim, all from harsh cleaning chemicals from poor dealership valeting techniques. A full decontamination wash and single stage correction prepared it for a ceramic […]

Fiesta ST Decontamination Ceramic before and after polishing snow foam swirls (58)

Fiesta ST 2017 – CQUK Ceramic

This little rocket came in for a ceramic coating after 6 months of being on the road. This required a full ‘wheels off’ decontamination using Valet PRO’s range of products. A two stage paint correction to get the paintwork as clean and as free from scratches as possible using Hexlogic pads and Menzerna compounds. After […]