Decontamination Wash

from £75 – 1 day

A process designed to thoroughly clean the surface of the paint and glass from contamination like road tar spots and iron particles that get lodged in the lacquer and starts to rust. This leaves the surface much smoother and therefore less prone to catching dirt, keeping the car cleaner for longer.

  • Wheels and arches pressure rinsed
  • Wheel face and barrels treated and soaked with wheel cleaner
  • Wheels, arches and tyres cleaned and then pressured rinsed
  • Car body pressure rinsed to removed heavy dirt
  • Full car soaked in Citrus Pre-Wash and Snow Foam to break up surface dirt
  • Rinse
  • Safe Wash with pH neutral shampoo
  • Road tar and iron contaminants removed with job specific chemicals
  • Any remaining contaminants removed with the clay bar process
  • Rinsed and then dried with ultra-plush microfibre drying towels and a blow dryer
  • Satin finish tyre gloss



Service Upgrades

  • Multi-layering of wheel wax, body wax and glass – £35/layer
  • Hydrophobic glass protection applied – £10
  • High quality carnauba wax applied to bodywork – £20
  • Specific wheel wax applied to wheels faces – £10