Motorcycle Detail

from £150 – 1day

detailing studio suffolk Detail Paint Correction 3 stage cutting Swirl Removal Single Stage Polishing fallout clay bar road tar wax ceramic ipswich suffolk upholstery leather cleaning window tinting headlight restoration debadge de-badge steam scratch removal suffolk vinyl wrap headlight tint tailight


Intensive deep clean, shine and protect


• Citrus degreaser prewash and snow foam soak

• Chain clean

• Pressure wash rinse

• Foamed shampoo to aid detail brushing in tight areas (engine, swingarm and wheels)

• Microfibre mitt safe wash over frame and bodywork

• Chemical decontamination with tar and glue remover and fallout remover

• Clay bar remaining contaminants

• Final safe wash to remove chemicals

• Air Dried & use of microfibre drying towels

• Pre-determined level of machine polishing to correct paint defects (swirls, scratches)

• Panels wiped down with panel wipe to remove any remaining oils and residue

• Application of protective wax, anti-corrosion and/or ceramic coating

• Wax/oil chain


Service Upgrades

Ceramic Coatings – from £125

ACF-50 Anti-corrosion coating – £50 (advised for all-year riders)