Single Stage Enhancement Detail

from £250 – 2 days

A process designed to remove surface marring (swirls) caused by basic maintenance methods and contact, bringing life back to the paint surface and enhancing the gloss with a single stage machine polish. Expect up to 70% improvement.

  • Wheels and arches pressure rinsed
  • Wheel face and barrels treated and soaked with wheel cleaner
  • Wheels, arches and tyres cleaned and then pressured rinsed
  • Car body pressure rinsed to removed heavy dirt
  • Full car soaked in Citrus Pre-Wash and Snow Foam to break up surface dirt
  • Rinse 
  • Safe Wash with pH neutral shampoo
  • Road tar and iron contaminants removed with job specific chemicals
  • Any remaining contaminants removed with the claybar process
  • Re-washed and dried with ultra-plush microfibre towels and air blower
  • Single stage machine polish
  • Panels wiped down with panel wipe to remove any remaining oils and residue
  • Application of selected paint, glass and wheel protection.



Service Upgrades

  • Cartec Ceramic Guard SiCarbon Coating – £250
  • Wheel Off decontamination and ceramic coat – £180
  • Extra ceramic layers – POA
  • Hydrophobic glass protection applied – £30
  • High quality carnauba wax applied to bodywork – £35
  • Specific wheel wax applied to wheels faces – £20