The Full Whack

£POA – 5+ days

A process designed to restore your pride and joy to a better than new condition with top of the range protection throughout.
A minimum of 40 hours of preparation, polishing and protecting will leave the vehicle looking better than ever with a gloss that really lasts. Expect up to 95% correction.

A thorough examination will take place first to highlight any problem areas that may need extra attention.



  • All wheels removed and decontaminated
  • Wheel arches, suspension and callipers cleaned
  • Engine bay rinsed, degreased and detailed
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Citrus pre-wash soak and rinse
  • Snow foam soak and rinse
  • Safe wash using two bucket method
  • Chemical decontamination with tar and glue remover and fallout remover
  • Clay bar remaining contaminants
  • Final safe wash to remove chemicals
  • Dried with ultra-plush microfibre towels and air blower
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Interior fascia cleaned and protected
  • Leather deep cleaned and protected
  • Fabrics, carpets and floor mats vacuumed and protected
  • Delicate areas, plastics and badges taped up
  • Multi-stage polishing and wet-sanding for maximum correction
  • Final refining machine polish for maximum gloss
  • Panels wiped down with panel wipe to remove any remaining oils and residue
  • Glass machine polished
  • Exterior trim dressed
  • Application of selected paint, wheel and glass ceramic protection
  • Completion inspection